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Welcome To Charlietown Blues

Welcome to the website of Charlietown Blues. We are a listener supported internet radio station playing blues music 24/7. We can be found on iTunes Radio, Windows Media Player, Shoutcast, Loudcity, Tunein Radio and many other places on the internet.

If you would like to help us out click on the Donate button on the right side of the page. If you would like to help us out without using PAYPAL please use the CONTACT US link in the top menu.

We play all the forms of blues. Our tagline is "All About The Blues". To listen click on the LISTEN button on the left side of the page or the LISTEN link in the menu above. Hope you enjoy the blues here on Charlietown Blues.

Changes at Charlietown Blues

Changes made.
In order to help lower our streaming cost our number of streams have been reduced..soon there will also be ads entered into our streams a couple of time per hour. This was not what we wanted to do but found it necessary with our monthly cost tripling and donations not covering our monthly bills. There will be a opportunity for people who subscribe monthly to get a even higher bit rate stream with no commercials. More info on that to come.

We have been operating Charlietown Blues for the last few years as a one man station...with T funding it all himself. Unfortunately this will not work in the future if we plan on staying on the air. We feel like we have a good product and many listeners but with that comes rising cost. Thank you for listening to Charlietown Blues.


Loyal Listeners ...Here we are the another month is starting , for the last 2 months we have fallen short of our goals to be able to broadcast....Please help us start this months drive with a donation ! We feel we offer great content but there are cost involved. Thanks to all who have gave in the past and to those who can help us out in the future.Listeners like you who care enough to give...even as little as 1 dollar are great supporters of Charlietown Blues. Further cuts will have to be made, number of free streams, music purchased, etc.

Keep The Blues Alive On A Monthly Basis


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